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Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Care Takes Work and Prevention is Key

Senior pets are special. In many instances, they have been with us for numerous years. They know our routines and are loving and very dear to our hearts. However, as pets get older, they are more likely to experience health problems. For this reason, it is necessary to visit a veterinarian often. Additionally, it is essential to provide proper nutrition and give plenty of attention and opportunities for exercise for your senior pets. Chat with our veterinarian at Animal Care Clinic in Rock Island about ideas for making your pets’ senior years their best years. 


Preventative Care is Key for Senior Pet Wellness

The earlier a health problem is found, the better. Our veterinarian may recommend wellness checks every six months for senior pet care. These checkups help to find and therefore treat common health problems before they become severe. Some common health issues found in senior pets include poor vision or blindness, hearing loss, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, dementia, and cancer. Older pets are also at risk for becoming overweight because activity and metabolism usually decrease. Talk to our veterinarian about when you should bring your pets in for a wellness checkup.

Proper dental care is another key component of senior pet care. Dental problems can cause pain and make it difficult to eat or stay active. The bacteria from dental diseases can also cause other health problems if it enters the bloodstream. Brushing your pets’ teeth and taking them to our vet for a cleaning is a great way to prevent common dental problems.

Senior Pets Need More Attention

It will take work to keep your senior pets active and healthy. They need plenty of love and affection, as well as mental and physical stimulation. Play with your senior pets, take your older dogs for walks, and encourage them to be as active as possible, but also know their limits. Be ready to make changes in your home as your pets get older, such as putting food and beds on the same level of the home if your pets have trouble navigating stairs or purchasing a ramp to help them get onto the bed.  

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