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Pet Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Surgery in Rock Island 

Your pet means the world to you, and receiving news your animal needs surgery can be alarming. At Animal Care Clinic, we do not take the recommendation for surgery lightly. If we've suggested a surgical procedure for your pet, you can rest assure that his best interest is the driving factor. Our veterinary team will carefully explain all of your options, the reasoning behind the surgery, and how you can expedite your animal’s recovery with the best post-op care at home.


Common Reasons for Pet Surgery

There are a number of reasons why your pet may require surgery. It may be routine like spaying and neutering, or it may be the result of an emergency. Common emergencies include being attacked by another animal or being hit by a vehicle where your pet sustained broken bones or internal injuries that must be repaired by surgery.  

In many instances, dogs can experience bloat where their stomach fills up with fluid and gas, which can turn into a grave condition without surgery. Pets may also need surgical procedures if masses form. Whether the mass is benign or cancerous, it should be surgically removed. If your pet has swallowed a foreign object, he may experience a blocked digestive system, which would require surgery. Other common instances where a surgical procedure may be necessary is when complications occur in the delivery of puppies or kittens. 

Will Anesthesia Be Used? 

At Animal Care Clinic, we always use the safest sedatives to keep your pet comfortable throughout the surgery. Anesthesia makes it easier for our veterinarian to safely perform the surgical procedure. Before the administration of anesthesia, our veterinarian will perform tests to ensure your animal’s liver and kidneys can handle the medicine and surgery. Also, we will carefully monitor your pet's health and vital signs throughout the procedure with state-of-the-art equipment to make sure he remains in good condition. 

Caring for Your Pet Following Surgery 

Managing your pet's pain following surgery is especially important. When he is recovering from the procedure, he may be disoriented, weak, and in pain. We will prescribe appropriate pain medication for your pet to help him remain comfortable while they recover. It's of the highest importance for you to administer the medication as instructed. 

After the procedure, your pet will be tired for the next 12 to 24 hours. Make sure you allow your animal plenty of time to rest and limit his activities to help his wounds to heal properly.

Contact Us If You Have Questions About Pet Surgery

When it comes to pet surgery, we will provide comprehensive and quality care to your pet. Reach out to Animal Care Clinic in Rock Island if you have questions about pet surgery to make an appointment. The number to call is (309) 788-2232.