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Your pet is more than just an animal living with you. They are part of the family. And as part of your family you do everything that you can to care for them. However, one of the most overlooked areas of caring for your pet is their dental health. Your pet doesn't brush their own teeth (if they did, that would be pretty impressive) and giving them dental bones and chews only goes so far. So, what all can you do? You might be able to brush your pet's teeth, but like clipping their nails and claws this doesn't always go over so well. That is why, to make sure your pet is receiving the very best dental care possible you need to schedule a teeth cleaning with your neighborhood Rock Island veterinarian. 


Pet Tooth Cleaning

There are some great chew toys and bones out there designed specifically for your pet's teeth. These chews will help break up plaque and keep their teeth, for the most part, healthy. However, the bones and treats only go so far. They need to have specific cleanings that will keep plaque from sticking (especially on the teeth that are not often used while chewing or on the back side of the teeth, which may not come in contact with the chew toys and bones). 

Much like your own teeth, if not properly taken care your tooth will develop cavities, your gums may develop diseases, and your teeth will start to fall out. Thankfully most pet food comes with very little if any sugar, so pets do not have the same kind of cavity issues as humans do. That doesn't mean plaque can't cling to their teeth and begin to develop gum problems though. With pet dental care offered by the Animal Care Clinic your pet will maintain clean, healthy teeth, which will help them avoid gum disease and other conditions that often occur due to dental problems. 

Better Breath Is Always Good Too

We've all been around a pet that has some pretty bad breath. There is a reason why some people love puppy breath, but nobody loves old dog breath. It is because over time a pet's teeth may start to rot due to the lack of dental hygiene. While you can take personal steps in helping your pet maintain their teeth, it is always best to have their teeth checked out and cleaned. At Animal Care Clinic in Rock Island, your local veterinarian will be happy to help care for your pet's teeth, no matter how difficult or finicky they might be about having hands in their mouths. So, schedule your next pet dental care checkup today.