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Microchipping From Animal Care Clinic

Pet microchipping is not only about finding your furry friend. At Animal Care Clinic, we offer the procedure to help you keep tabs on your pet and protect them and others from potential harm. Serving the Rock Island area, our veterinarian staff strives to offer the most professional and compassionate care available.


Why Microchip?

Part of being a pet owner is acknowledging that they might wander and get lost. It is devastating to lose a furry family member with no way to track them down. It happens more than it should. Microchipping has come a long way and will reunite you with your pet after they take a walk without you.

Many people try to steer clear from surgical procedures. Microchipping by a vet is relatively painless and safe for your pet. It involves a tiny device placed under the skin. It is not only safe; it is also a fast procedure.

Pet Microchipping Facts

Did you know that pet microchips are not tracking devices? Rather, they work using radio-frequency identification (RIFD). The technology does not require power sources. It will last your pet’s lifetime.

Microchipping does not require anesthesia. It is as routine as a vaccine. The preloaded injection is sterile and injected under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. It only takes a few seconds.

Many pets already have a microchip when adopted. Check your adoption paperwork and have your vet scan them to double-check they have not been microchipped. If there is one, register the unique microchip ID number.

Pet microchipping is available for both cats and dogs. Because cats do not wear collars, it comes doubly important to microchip them.

Microchips are not only a unique ID number to help track your pet. It also has your information so that contacting you is easy and reunites you and your pet quickly and safely.

The protection that microchipping provides lasts your pet’s lifetime. It is made of biocompatible materials that will not degenerate over time.

Do not forget to requester your pet’s microchip in a database! If you move, change the information so there is no confusion if your pet gets lost.

For Pet Microchipping, See Your Rock Island Vet!

We at Animal Care Clinic take steps so that you and your pet never face unexpected separation by utilizing pet microchipping. If you are in the Rock Island area, contact us today to microchip your pet to avoid the devastation of your furry friend getting lost.