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Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention: Why It Is Important for Your Furry Animal

With the warmer months fast approaching, it is likely that your companion pets are going to be spending more time outside, so flea and tick prevention should be at the top of your list to do. For those in the Rock Island area, Animal Care Clinic, PC, is the best to go to for parasite prevention. We offer the flea and tick prevention medicine that helps ward off these parasites, keeping your pet happy and healthy.


What is Flea and Tick Prevention?

Flea and tick prevention is the process by which you are going to spend time making sure that fleas are not going to be able to live and reproduce on your pet and that ticks are not going to be able to latch on.

Types of Flea Treatment and Tick Prevention

There are a few different types of flea and tick prevention you can use for your animal.

  • Collars: The most common parasite prevention that pet owners use is flea and tick collars. These collars release gas that repels or kills these parasites when they attach on the pet’s skin.
  • Topical: Topical treatments are easy to use medicine that you can apply to your pet’s skin to help repel fleas and ticks and to help kill those that may already be present.
  • Oral: You can choose from chewable or pills to help eliminate fleas and ticks that are present and help to prevent further infestation.

You can get any of these treatments mentioned above at our veterinary hospital.

Why is Flea and Tick Prevention Important?

Flea treatment and tick prevention are both critical for a pet’s health. These parasites can not only cause misery to pets, but they can also transmit diseases, such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In addition to these, fleas and ticks can cause dermatology issues like hot spots, skin infections, hair loss, severe itching, and more. Lastly, both parasites can be transmitted to humans. To protect your health as well as your pet’s health, flea treatment and tick prevention are necessary and vital.

Make an Appointment with Our Veterinary Staff

Taking preventative measures against fleas and ticks will keep your pet healthy, happy, and free of pain and irritation. Make an appointment with our veterinary team at Animal Care Clinic, PC, in Rock Island today to get your companion animal started with flea treatment and tick prevention medicine. Our number is (309) 788-2232.