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Animal Care Clinic has been serving the Quad Cities area for more than 40 years. At Animal Care Clinic, our aim is to assist you with making an informed decision when considering your pet's health and medical needs.

Our Staff

Your first contact with Animal Care Clinic will be with one of our lovely staff. If you read some of our over 400 reviews, you will see that clients mention them often because they are kind, knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to you and the health of your pet. They are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They will also help you set up an appointment for you and your pet. Your pet will be held by a technician during the appointment to help procedures go as smooth and pain free as possible. This allows you to concentrate on your pet and ask questions, should they arise.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Joe Westerhof

Dr. Westerhof grew up in Blue Grass, Iowa. He attended Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine after receiving a degree in agriculture. After graduating in 2003, he put his agriculture background to good use in southern Wisconsin working nearly exclusively with dairy cattle for 2 years. An opportunity came up in 2005 that allowed him to get closer to home. The next two years were spent in Eldridge, Iowa where he expanded to pets, horses, and animal shelter medicine. Dr. Westerhof joined Animal Care Clinic in 2007, and eventually bought the clinic at the beginning of 2011

Dr. Anne Pelzer

Dr. Pelzer began practicing at Animal Care Clinic after graduating from Iowa State University in the spring of 2012. Orignally from Bettendorf, She attended St. Olaf College prior to veterinary school. While in veterinary school, she gained extensive experience in small animal, shelter, and zoo medicine.

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